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Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - November 17, 2015

The streams are at their brightest when the sun shines on a winter’s day. Perhaps the reflection of light off of the snow makes the bottom sparkle. Maybe the lack of moss on the rocks and a summer of polishing makes them shine. Regardless of why, it is a beautiful thing to see. Although beautiful, the next week or so promises less light and some cloudy weather. The good news is this also means low pressure and great fishing.

We are still too early for massive Midge hatches, but the Nymphing on almost all our rivers is in full swing. Fishing standard nymphs as well as anything bright like an egg color is going to produce fish. We are seeing fish schooling up into winter holding groups. If you catch one fish in any particular area, plan on catching several more. Don’t move on too quickly from productive spots.

The weather in the South Valley has been warm and mild, so if you aren’t ready to fish in the snow yet, look to Silver Creek and the South Fork of the Boise.

Silver Creek, upstream from Highway 20, closes at the end of this month. There is still time to find decent Baetis hatches between now and then. Just try to find the calmest and warmest days. If nothing is working on the surface and the weather goes bad, fish Streamers. With the Brown Trout coming off of the spawn they will be eager to fatten back up. The rest of the Creek, downstream from Highway 20, remains open until the end of February and should fish very well with streamers coupled with cloud cover this week!

If you really want to get the last of the hatches for the 2015 season, the South Fork of the Boise is the place for you! Milder days are producing nice rises of big bows on Baetis! No need to get there too early. 11:00 is plenty early with most action peaking around 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. If you go, be sure to check the weather and road conditions. Being at the bottom of that hill when the snow flies can lead to tire chains and 4-wheel drive.

Enjoy the pre-holiday quietude on the rivers this week! We should have excellent fishing on all our area rivers as long as anglers are willing to fish subsurface. Big Midge hatches are coming so if you are a fry fly junkie – you won’t have long to wait!

Happy Fishing Everyone!

Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - October 26, 2015

Significantly cooler temperatures have arrived in the Valley which should shorten the fishing windows quite a bit. Cold nights will send the Brown Trout into full blown spawning mode, so be prepared to see fish digging Redds, and if so, please be careful not to walk on these “trout nests.” It is also important that you head to the rivers with the ability to be flexible. The late fall weather can provide days where only Streamers are going to work, days when it’s Dry Fly madness and days where Nymphing will pay off. Be loaded for bear and make sure you are including your winter Midge selection in the bag when you go.

Silver Creek is still fishing really well with Mice and Streamers taking the pre-spawn Browns regularly. You may not catch a boat load of fish, but you may hook into the biggest and brightest fish of your season. Fall Baetis will continue to appear until the snow flies, so on calm - warmish days, be ready for this.

The South Fork of the Boise is one of our favorite Fall Baetis fisheries, and the canyon (when the wind isn’t blowing) can be a good 10 degrees warmer than the Sun Valley area. Look for the long flat glides on the river and brig all your Silver Creek flies, leaders and tippets.

The Lost River is still running very low and the river is a bit hit and miss right now. It all depends on the conditions being right. When things are calm and warm expect Baetis but be prepared for a full day of Nymphing as well. Have the color red in your selection and make sure you bring a nice selection of Pheasant Tails as well.

The Big Wood is a great option when fishing windows are short. Without the drive times to the far away rivers, fishing time may be maximized. If you need a quick fix, hit the Wood with Fall Baetis, Prince Nymphs, Hares Ears, Zebra Nymphs and Brassies.

Remember, fingerless gloves and a warm hat will extend your fishing day and make it fun and comfortable. Take the extra steps to stay warm and dry for the best time possible. Have an extra change of clothes with you and a spare car key. This is not the time of the year for shortcuts or last minute decisions. Be safe and enjoy the glorious amount of quietude on the rivers this week!

Happy Fishing Everyone!



Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - November 24, 2014

Excellent winter fishing weather is upon us. Low pressure, some cloud cover, and days above the freezing mark means happy fish and happy anglers. We are still a bit early for the major midge hatches of winter but excellent Nymphing and Streamer days are here.

Anglers that want to fish the Nature Conservancy portion of Silver Creek have until the end of the week/month to get their licks in. Streamer fishing should be very good as the Brown Trout population has come off the spawn with a need to fatten up quickly before the long months of winter set in. If you can’t make it this week don’t fret, as Silver Creek downstream of Hwy 20 remains open to catch and release fishing through the end of February.

If you decide to fish the Creek with Streamers, use non-weighted flies and fish them just under the surface. Watch for the wake and the boil of water on the surface when the fish takes the Streamer. It is a very visual and very fun way to catch fish on the Creek throughout the winter.

Anglers looking at our freestone streams like the Big Wood, Little Wood and Upper Lost should be fishing standard nymphs in large sizes. Prince Nymph, Hares Ears and Girdle Bugs are great choices. Fishing them in tandem is also a great idea. Use a size 10 as a lead fly and then trail a size 18 or smaller midge pattern behind the lead fly. About a foot and half is all that you need for the trailer. Make sure your indicator is able to float both flies and then cover some water!

With the ski season starting this week, expect very few anglers out on our local rivers. If you decide to fish the Lost River and are driving through Arco, don’t forget to stop and see us at Picabo Angler. We’ll put the right flies in your hand, and if you need a Latte, Breakfast or a box lunch we can help with that also. Anglers fishing the Creek can stop in for a hot lunch here at the shop and don’t forget roast chicken Fridays!

Chukar and Duck hunting has been excellent near Picabo this season. The waterfowl population is way up and the early snow has moved the Chukar down the ridge lines. These conditions are great for hunters and yet another reason to come see us in Picabo!

Happy Fishing and Hunting Everyone!

Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - Sept. 22, 2014

The fall hatches are upon us! Some of the best hatches of the year are ramping up this week and last and they should continue well into the month of October. Brown Trout are in pre-spawn mode and Browns and Rainbows alike are feeling the cool nights dropping the water temps thus sending them into a hurry up and get fat before winter mode! This means hungry fish and fish that have been putting their guard up all summer are now letting it down, because soon enough there won’t be hardy any significant hatches to dine on besides the minute winter Midge.

On the Big Wood there are three significant hatches. The smallest event, as well as the spottiest along the river is the October Caddis. This hatch is found best, north of Ketchum and although you won’t see a lot of the insect flying you will see a lot of their shucks on the rocks. Royal Stimulators, Orange Stimulators and Royal Trudes fished in medium sizes are all a good bet to match this bug. Beadhead Hares Ears are an excellent nymph choice to imitate them.

The Fall Baetis is the other wonderful hatch on the Big Wood. This bug will blanket the water on warm fall afternoons. Fish your Silver Creek patterns for this insect.  Size 20 – 22 is about right. Gulper Specials, Parachute Adams and any extended body BWO pattern is the way to go on this hatch. Plan if fishing 6X as well.

The third hatch is the Western Red Quill or Hecuba. This is a big bug! We like fishing our leftover Green Drake patterns to match this hatch. If you see a big emergence of this bug, you may also see your best day on the Big Wood this year!

On Silver Creek the Mahogany Dun is starting to show. This insect likes bright, cool, fall days and can be found in excellent numbers throughout the system, especially on the lower reaches of the Creek near Picabo. The fish get really greedy when this hatch starts. It normally blends in with the Fall Baetis on the Creek, so if you are fishing this hatch be very ready to switch quickly back and forth between the Mahogany and the Baetis. Having two rods rigged is not a terrible idea. The fish will switch back and forth as the Mahogany Dun will come and go in waves throughout the steady Baetis hatches.


Happy Fishing Everyone!

10 Great Reasons to Visit Picabo This Weekend!

#10 Breakfast at Picabo Angler is really good and the closer one eats to the Silver Creek the better Everything tastes!

#9   The Trico spinner fall has begun and the fish are in pods eating them!

#8   The Picabo Flee Market / Garage Sale is this Saturday!

#7   It’s always 10 degrees warmer here than up in the Valley!

#6   From Picabo you can fish Silver Creek, the Little Wood, and the Big Wood all in the same day!

#5   Lunch in Picabo means the best Burgers and Pulled Pork in Idaho!

#4   Wildlife Viewing; Moose, Deer, Elk, Beaver, Otter, Waterfowl, Insects, Birds of Prey,    Wildflowers…

#3    Fly Fishing, Birding, Painting, Photography, Canoeing, Hiking, Picnicking!

#2    Brown Trout on Mouse Flies!

#1    Sunrise and Sunset!

Picabo Angler Nick Anderson with a Mouse caught Brown 2 nights ago.

Picabo Angler Nick Anderson with a Mouse caught Brown 2 nights ago.

Sun Valley Area Fishing Report, October 1st 2013

Fall has arrived in Sun Valley and on Silver Creek. The evidence is in the bugs and fish. Brown Trout pairs are moving through the river as they get ready to spawn and many of the big fish are coming into the open as the drive to reproduce makes them leave the safety of the cut banks. This is a great opportunity to see the biggest fish in Silver Creek in the middle of the day. Mahogany Duns are trying to hatch daily, despite the inclement weather and the first fall Baetis are hitting the water. Both of these hatches drive the fish crazy and the “Educated” fish in the river suddenly act, well, less educated.

Keep an eye on the sky and be ready for those cool, crisp fall days that are coming. These days should light the Creek on fire with rising fish. If you go, take Mahogany Duns in size 16. Simple patterns are best, like Thorax patterns or CDC Biot Fan-Wing patterns. We have some great flies here at Picabo Angler and we also have a new fireplace in the store! Its great place to warm up after a few cool hours on the stream or whenever the need strikes you. Stop by for a bite and a thaw! We also have a huge selection of fall Baetis flies and guides standing by to take you and yours fishing on any of our major rivers.

Unfortunately the Big Wood River and the South Fork of the Boise remain unfishable, but don’t let this stop you from fishing other rivers. The Lost is fishing great with Baetis and a lot of Nymphing. If you fish subsurface on the Lost, keep the color red in mind. The fish key on this color as Kokanee that have spilled through the dam lay their eggs and then die. Both the flesh of the Kokanee and their eggs have red hues to them and the fish get used to seeing it. If you go to catch the fish rising on Baetis, take small flies in 20 and 22s. Have a few larger just in case. Hatch Matchers, Parachutes and Hackle Stackers are all excellent choices.

Finally, keep in mind the severity of the weather lately and couple it with the change of season, and it’s a no brainer to go into the field well prepared. Always bring extra food, water, a change of dry clothes, and also not a bad time to throw your sleeping bad in the truck for the winter!

Happy Fishing Everyone!