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Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - October 14, 2014

With true fall weather upon this week, expect true fall fishing. The daily hatch and spinner fall windows are going to be much shorter, but the action could also intensify within those windows. This is also a time of year to start going back to some big bushy dry flies on our freestone streams. The H and L Variant and the Royal Stimulator are must haves on the Big Wood and the upper Big Lost right now. The fish have seen plenty of October Caddis and Western Red Quills to turn them back on to the biggest dry flies!

To the west the South Fork of the Boise is very wadable and the fishing is o.k. Take a lot of small nymph patterns and Fall Baetis patterns if you go. Be patient and try a variety of techniques and flies. Be ready to adjust day to day as well. The fly that may be hot on a Friday may be a dud on a Saturday. Be flexible and enjoy one of the most scenic places we fish in the fall!

Silver Creek continues to shine and the cool fall days this week are really going to get things percolating on the Creek. Mahogany Duns love cool bright days and in turn the fish love Mahogany Duns! This is a great hatch and a productive one for anglers. Hoppers are still working and the early morning seems to be the best time to throw them. If you get to the Creek before the daily hatches, try a big foam hopper in the gray of the morning light. You may be surprised. If the wind comes up on you during the afternoon look to throw Ants and Beetles in the wind chop in the middle of the river. Again, you may be surprised by the size of the fish that will come up for something small and black. The particular pattern isn’t that important, just have something you can see in the chop in a size 16 or 14.

Duck and Deer season opened this week, adding to the beauty of this time of the year, but with that said, anglers should take a little caution and think about wearing a few brighter colors to the rivers for the rest of the month. Leave the tan coat at home in favor of your red one! Nothing to worry about, just a precaution.

Happy Fishing Everyone!

Sun Valley Area Fishing Report, October 1st 2013

Fall has arrived in Sun Valley and on Silver Creek. The evidence is in the bugs and fish. Brown Trout pairs are moving through the river as they get ready to spawn and many of the big fish are coming into the open as the drive to reproduce makes them leave the safety of the cut banks. This is a great opportunity to see the biggest fish in Silver Creek in the middle of the day. Mahogany Duns are trying to hatch daily, despite the inclement weather and the first fall Baetis are hitting the water. Both of these hatches drive the fish crazy and the “Educated” fish in the river suddenly act, well, less educated.

Keep an eye on the sky and be ready for those cool, crisp fall days that are coming. These days should light the Creek on fire with rising fish. If you go, take Mahogany Duns in size 16. Simple patterns are best, like Thorax patterns or CDC Biot Fan-Wing patterns. We have some great flies here at Picabo Angler and we also have a new fireplace in the store! Its great place to warm up after a few cool hours on the stream or whenever the need strikes you. Stop by for a bite and a thaw! We also have a huge selection of fall Baetis flies and guides standing by to take you and yours fishing on any of our major rivers.

Unfortunately the Big Wood River and the South Fork of the Boise remain unfishable, but don’t let this stop you from fishing other rivers. The Lost is fishing great with Baetis and a lot of Nymphing. If you fish subsurface on the Lost, keep the color red in mind. The fish key on this color as Kokanee that have spilled through the dam lay their eggs and then die. Both the flesh of the Kokanee and their eggs have red hues to them and the fish get used to seeing it. If you go to catch the fish rising on Baetis, take small flies in 20 and 22s. Have a few larger just in case. Hatch Matchers, Parachutes and Hackle Stackers are all excellent choices.

Finally, keep in mind the severity of the weather lately and couple it with the change of season, and it’s a no brainer to go into the field well prepared. Always bring extra food, water, a change of dry clothes, and also not a bad time to throw your sleeping bad in the truck for the winter!

Happy Fishing Everyone!