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Sun Valley Fly Fishing

Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - June 30, 2017

It has been a long time since we reported on rivers with decreasing flows...We are knocking on the door to some pretty good fishing, as things finally begin to normalize. We are not there yet, as some rivers are clearing but the volume still means very little holding water and places to cast a fly. Other rivers are on the cusp of being explored in areas, and trust us, there is going to be plenty of exploring to do as the rivers runs and holes have most likely changed big time! Caution is still a must, and please continue to leave your dog at home when approaching these local rivers. We should be fishing on almost all our area waters in the coming 2 weeks, with a few exceptions. In the meantime Silver Creek continues to produce and fish well and the Trico spinner falls continue to garner steam!

CFS  - Cubic Feet per Second

Silver Creek - 132

South Fork of the Boise - 3000

Big Wood - 1890

Lower Lost River - 1610

Upper Lost River - 1410

Little Wood - 454

Sun Valley Fly Fishing

Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - June 14, 2017

THE SUN IS OUT! A slow return to summer temperatures means we can expect a slow return to the epic fishing we saw on Silver Creek the first two weeks of the season. Plan on seeing a large variety of bugs and plenty of rising fish with each warming day.

Anglers should expect to see quite a few Green Drakes on the Creek this week. The Brown Drakes are all but gone for the season, but with the warmth, if we saw a freak occurrence some nights this week, we would not be surprised. The PMD “Pale Morning Dun” should also begin to come off in force this week. The Callibaetis action remains strong as well as the small Baetis “Blue Winged Olive” hatches and spinner falls.

Terrestrials are still a great bet and a few Damsel flies should appear with the sun. Baby Hoppers have made their way onto the scene and we should be able to cast smaller patterns in the next few weeks. The Streamer action on the Creek has been really good under the cloudy weather, but bright sun is the forecast, so this action may drop off a bit.

Elsewhere, our freestone rivers, the Big Wood and Upper Big Lost remain really high and really dangerous. Flows should increase all week. Stay away from this water, and be sure to keep your dog miles from this mess! If you want to swim them, take them to a local lake, pond or reservoir.

The South Fork of the Boise flows have been dropped some. The outflows below the dam could increase if the flows coming in increase, so keep your eyes on the CFS before you make the commitment to go. If the flows haven’t been stable for a day or two, it’s probably not going to fish well. If the flows remain constant, we may begin to see the Salmon Flies on the lower river.

Reaching way out, the Henry’s Fork and the Owyhee are two outlying rivers from our area, but they are at least fishing. For up to the minute reports on the Owyhee you can check out Idaho Angler in Boise, and the Trout Hunter in Island Park can fill you in on everything Henry’s Fork.

Magic Reservoir continues to fish well and it is a nice alternative and change from fishing the same areas until the waters drop on our local rivers. Finally, we are blessed in the sense that we may not have a lot of places to fish, but Silver Creek has been a world class fishery since opening day!

Happy Fishing Everyone!


Brown Drake Update 06/06/17

The Brown Drake hatch continues to move up river. Last night was a slower night for most, with the exception of some upstream areas closer to the HWY 20. The storm two nights ago was enough to set things back a bit. There is a lot of chatter that the hatch is winding down, but we should wait for the next two hot days to make that call. It was cold last night and the combination of that with the previous storm may have slowed things down. We could easily see things perk back up. Regardless there will still be bugs through Silver Creek East and West tonight!

Brown Drake Update 6/4/17

The Drakes are coming on strong. The hatch continues to blanket the river from top to bottom. Last night's action was a bit better on the lower waters, as the big fish have finally caught on to the bug. The action tonight should be off the charts, as more and more big fish leave the bottom to eat the Drake, and more and fish follow the hatch upstream. Keep an eye on the sky this afternoon and if any big clouds roll in, get on the water!

Silver Creek and Carey Lake in Flood Stage from the Air.

We took these images on Sunday. The Creek peaked a few days earlier around 420 CFS. These pics reflect 377 CFS. We expect this to be a very healthy flushing for the Creek and there should be little to no residual effect for Opening Day. It's going to be a great season!!!!

Sun Valley Fly Fishing

Sun Valley Area Fishing Report, March 15, 2017

Spring is slowly arriving in the Wood River Valley and with the arrival of warmer days comes the arrival of rising waters. We are approaching the last few weeks to fish on the Big Wood River and the timing is about right, as the river probably won’t stay in great shape much longer!

Silver Creek remains closed to all fishing until May 27th.  We floated the Creek this weekend. The majority of the fish were upstream of the Sign in Cabin on the Nature Conservancy. They were eating huge size 14 Baetis. We are sometime away from fishing here, but things are looking very, very good! The Big Wood will remain open to Catch and Release fishing until the end of March. The South Fork of the Boise and the Lost River are also open to Catch and Release fishing, although both come with their own challenges. The Little Wood is also open to fish in the spring.

If you decide to fish the Big Wood, the normal Midge hatches are in play and the addition of the Little Black Stones has the fish looking for slightly bigger meals. Large Prince Nymphs and smallish Girdle Bugs will get the job done. Fish these flies close to the banks and always stay ready on the lift…when you go to pick the flies out of the water. The fish are very much keyed into the motion of this fly. If you fish the Midge hatch, the normal flies like Brassies and Zebras are in play and big Griffith’s Gnats and Tie-Down Midges will suffice for the fish eating off the top.

The Lost is running high enough to make wading challenging and slightly dangerous. If you try to fish the Lower Lost, wear your wading belt very tight, fish with a friend, tell someone where you are and just use common sense when moving up and down the system. Take the same flies you would have for the Big Wood, but include small Parachute Adams, in case of Baetis hatches.

The South Fork of the Boise is fishing day to day. Recent conditions included some mud flowing into the river. The distance is far enough that it’s a roll of the dice, but we expect the fishing to remain strong and most likely worth the effort.

Steelhead are slowly moving up the Salmon and fly anglers are beginning to explore the waters here and are catching the occasional fish!

Happy Fishing Everyone!

Sun Valley Fly Fishing

Spring is knocking hard on our door! A week of temperatures in the low to mid 40’s on the Valley floor means that our local fish are going to feel a pretty significant change in the conditions. They should begin to act accordingly. Look for fish to begin turning spawning colors. They should also go into a prespawn mode, meaning they are going to become more aggressive and eat with a little more abandon. The warmer weather may spur on the hatches as well. So the long and short is the fishing should get really good this week!

Silver Creek remains closed to all fishing until May 27th. The Big Wood remains open to catch and release fishing until the end of March. The Big Lost River is also open and remains open year around now. The South Fork of the Boise is fishable until the end of the month. Finally, the Salmon is open and a few Steelhead are being caught well downstream of Stanley. Expect that action to increase as the days begin to warm.

March is a wonderful time of the year to fish. It is a great time for beginners to learn as catch rates are generally high, and there are fewer anglers on the river than in the high season. The hatches are also limited to Midges and Little Black Stoneflies. The fish will also take big nymphs and streamers aggressively.

Warm weather also means tough walking conditions through the soft snow. A pair of snow shoes will get you a lot farther from main access points than not having them and you can move a lot faster than walking in the river.

Try to get out as often as you can right now, as the true spring months are setting up to show us a lot of high water. The gradual melt will help for now, but when it begins to come down as run-off things are going to get crazy.

A few things you should think about for the early summer season this year include getting studs on your boots. They make a huge difference in gripping the bottom and the pushy currents this season are going to be significant. You should also find a really good wading staff to help navigate the heavy water that is coming. A really good wader belt is also important and could be the one piece of equipment that could save your life in a worse case scenario. Anglers don’t need to be scared, but a little common sense goes a long way!

Happy Fishing Everyone!