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Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - December 22, 2014

Merry Fish-mas from all of us at Picabo Angler! We hope that the coming year is full of leaping trout, screaming reels and the sounds of song birds and driftboat oars bumping down a river. We are expecting a white Christmas this year, which also means low pressure on Christmas Day. This may not be a bad time to get out for a few hours! Low pressure generally equates to excellent fishing.

The weather this week is changing fast with high and low pressure swapping places almost daily. With that said, something to keep in mind this winter is “The Day After Change.” These are the days when the winter fishing truly takes off.

I am asked all the time if the winter fishing is better under the clouds or under blue skies. The answer is simple; they like both. More than anything though, they like the day after things stabilize. So, if you have bunches of sunny days and then the clouds roll in, the second cloudy day is the day to fish! If you have a bunch of cloudy days in a row and then the sun comes out, the second sunny day is they day to be on the water. This is not to say, “Only” fish those days, it is a well-known fact that the best time to fish, is any chance you get!

Now, let’s talk about Cuba. For many, many decades the Fishery in Cuba, one of the world’s greatest has been off limits to Americans. That has all ended with the addition of cultural and educational trips, and it’s really ALL about to end as we prepare to lift an embargo and opening up Cuba to fishing for many Americans.

On January 14 the crew from Picabo Angler heads to Cuba where we will spend the week fishing Tarpon, Snook, Permit and Bonefish, about 60 miles offshore. Upon our return from this reconnaissance trip we will begin taking bookings for this once closed and fabled fishery! To add to the excitement, traveling anglers should be prepared for a few years of bliss! With falling gas prices coupled with an enormous new Caribbean fishing area opening, travel to the Bahamas, Mexico and most of the Caribbean is going to become very affordable. If you’ve ever wanted to fish the flats and turquoise waters of the Caribbean, stay in touch with us as we prepare to take you and yours on many wonderful global angling adventures!

Happy Fishing and Merry Christmas Everyone!