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Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - March 8, 2016

The sun rises over the flats and we can see tails sticking out of the water in many places. There must be 20 fish up on this flat alone. The wind is down today so the movement of cruising fish is easy to see. We begin to creep up on the closest targets for an accurate cast. My first attempt is off the mark and the fish turns and heads for a channel. My cousin on the other hand puts his fly right between the fishes and eyes and within seconds his 7-weight is arced over as the fish freaks out in shallow water and the fight is on!

How many planes did we take? How much sunscreen did we use? How much did all of this cost? Well, to be truthful, we didn’t get on a plane, I forgot my sunscreen and bought a small tube at the Flying J and the cost was a ½ tank of gas, a sixer of beer and two roast beef sandwiches.

We are on the Snake River fishing for Carp today. My cousin had spent the week before going over Google Earth looking for potential flats we could wade along the Snake River looking for these fish that love to feed in the shallows. These areas are not hard to find. Boat ramps, scenic overlooks, riverside trails and access via boat all represent easy opportunity to test your saltwater skills right here in Idaho.

Fly selection requires you bring your nymph box to the river with you. San Juan Worms, Damsel Nymphs, Leeches, small Buggers and anything else you can imagine living in the river mud are effective on Carp. A nine foot, fluorocarbon Leader tapered to about 8 pounds will hook plenty of fish. Consider even longer leaders on really calm days.

Be sure that Carp are not easy to catch. Their reputation implies that they are, but just take a fly and give it a shot. You may just find that the selective nature and hard fighting ability of these fish is worthy of your attention. You may also find upon returning home, that they may need even more of your attention on ensuing days.

Keep your eyes on the wind down south. If you see some days where the gusts are staying below 10 mph then you are probably going to be able to find plenty of targets. Carp fishing has been one of the most active areas in the fly fishing industry the past few years, and for good reason. Check it out!

Happy Fishing Everyone!