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Pee-Ka-Boo is a Native American word meaning "Shining Waters."

Picabo Angler is a destination: A full-service fly shop & outfitter located on the banks of world-renowned Silver Creek

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Sun Valley Fly Fishing

Sun Valley Fishing Report - November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Picabo Angler!

Looking back at the past season it is easy to find many things to give thanks for. First and foremost, thank you to all of you fly anglers out there that help keep our doors open and allow us the opportunity to serve the fly fishing community in the Sun Valley and Picabo areas. Without you and your support, we don’t exist! A big thanks for all the water we received this year that put our rivers back on track for the time being. Hopefully the skiers will get their prayers for snow answered this winter so we can have an equally good water year next summer! I’d personally like to thank the Purdy Family here in Picabo for all the support they have shown for our beloved river, Silver Creek and our outfitting business, Picabo Angler. Without their love of fly fishing, wing shooting and the Creek we wouldn’t have been able to serve our community the past five years. Lastly, thank you to Silver Creek itself. This magical body of water has gripped imaginations tight for many generations. The meandering nature of the river, the trout, the bug life, the birds, the moose, the dirt roads under our tires, the soft light, and so much more, all contribute to the magic of this place!

With that said we would like to again let our fellow anglers know we are here for you! Picabo Angler is not a fly shop holding “secrets” we dole out…instead we strive to be a group of anglers and guides that want to support everyone in our sport, no matter skill level, age, gender, or race. If you are a fly angler, or just love Picabo, nature and the quietude of Silver Creek, then you are part of our family and we have your back!

If you plan to fish this week, be ready with your nymph and streamer boxes. We are still a month or two away from the winter dry fly season. In the meantime, all our local rivers should fish well with Prince Nymphs, Zebra Midges, and Olive colored streamers. Please note that Silver Creek closes at the end of November upstream of the Highway 20 Bridge. The river remains open downstream from the Highway 20 Bridge until the end of February. Looking ahead Silver Creek will fish best using your favorite streamer patterns!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Fishing Everyone!

Sun Valley Fly Fishing

Fishing Report - May 2, 2017

A special season is about to begin on Silver Creek. Flows have been holding steady at around 226 CFS for nearly a week. There is little fluctuation, so there is no reason to expect any significant drop before the opener! We could start the season at a higher flow than we ever saw all of last season! This means a healthy fisher, healthy fish, and more fish spread throughout the system! So far the hatches have been awesome. The giant size 14 Baetis have been joined by daily PMD occurrences. Expect the Baetis to get smaller at Opening Day approaches, and the PMD action should continue to ramp up as the spring temperatures rise.

The ongoing question about Brown Drakes is anyone’s guess right now! With a return to more normal historic flows, we wonder if we will also see a return to the mid-June event that has occurred at the end of May for the past three seasons. We’ll go kick up some nymphs soon and give you our prediction. Stay tuned!

With Opening Day around the corner, don’t forget our second annual “Evening with Hank Patterson” on Friday night the 26th. Doors and beers will open at 6:00 p.m. with Hank taking over the entertainment at 7:00 p.m. This is a free event to fundraise for the folks at Reel Recovery. We encourage you to attend, lend your support and mostly get a nice long laugh in the night before we all go fishing!

The only other options for opening weekend will be tailwater like the South Fork of the Boise and the Lower Lost River. These areas are flow dependent though. The South Fork of the Boise will be boating water, with major flows, so experienced boaters only!

The Lower Lost River may fish depending on the flows, but at this point we think it would be a long shot to have fishable waters over there once the irrigation starts and the water is needed downstream.

The good news is we are blessed with Silver Creek, and we are blessed with the kindness of the anglers that fish here. Don’t worry about how many people are out and about on the opener. It is a celebration! Not everyone is fishing, many just come to be a part of this wonderful weekend. So plan a trip to Picabo on May 26th for an Evening with Hank Patterson, and again on the 27th for Opening Day! Heck, you may as well camp out!

Happy Fishing Everyone!


The Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan

Having worked the past two months at Picabo Angler I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting some wonderful people.  As a young college kid it was nerve racking starting here because I knew that people would come in with questions that I would not be able to understand and I did not want to upset someone for not being able to answer. As expected a few times I have been unable to answer a question yet instead of them becoming upset they instead taught me. While I have learned a lot from my bosses (and I have many), and from being out fishing as much as I can. I have learned the most from the kind people that come in and share their knowledge. Not only have I learned about fishing from these people but I have also learned things about life.

For example, this weekend a gentlemen came into the shop from a morning of fishing. I could clearly tell it had not been the best day from the look on his face and the beer in his hand. After asking how he was doing I learned he had been trying to avoid some bulls and fell into the river ruining his phone before he could even put out a cast. He was unsure if he wanted to go out again after such a rough morning...

In came a father of two small children. He had just purchased two spin rods for his kids and wanted to teach them how to fish, even though he had no idea how to fish himself. A fly rod was put into my hands from a young age instead of a spin rod, so I knew very little about rigging a rod with a bobber and weight. In came the previous gentlemen, who offered to help him rig up. Not only did he help the father rig up but he also gave him some pointers to on what to do. This man could have minded his own business and just of gone on with his day. Yet instead he chose to help a dad teach the joys of fishing to his children, even though he was having a bad day.

After he helped the dad he decided to go out and go fish. This man was completely self-less and have help to a stranger in need. In the process not only did he help and teach the dad, but me as well. He reminded me that fishing isn’t just about catching fish. It is about going out and being at one with nature and spreading the joy of fishing to others.  People like that make me proud to be a part of the fly-fishing community and remind me why I love fishing.

So I would just like to thank everyone that has come in and been so kind and patient with me. I can’t wait to see you next time you stop in!

Nathan Nelson


The Results Are In!

We drew the winners of this years rod raffle that went to support the Kilpatrick Pond Project on Silver Creek. We would like to say thank you to all of you who entered the drawing. Even if you didn't win the rod, we all win a better Silver Creek!

The Winner of the Echo 3 - 9ft 5wt is Darrel Beebe from Idaho Falls

The Winner of the Custom 7.5 ft 4wt Bamboo Rod built by Bob Turzian is Marty Albertson of Ketchum.


June 23 Fishing Report

Green Drakes on the Big Wood and more and more fishable water appearing every day means happy anglers throughout the Wood River and Silver Creek Valleys.  The heat of summer is finally upon us and with it comes a return to almost all our fisheries. The freestone streams like the Big Wood and the Upper Lost are entering one of the most prime times of the season to fish them! Stoneflies and Green Drakes are the bugs with a mix of Caddis and BWOs also.

Expect the Green Drakes to begin moving north on the Wood. Anglers have been seeing a few mid-valley, but it is early enough they could show anywhere on the river given the right day. Keep in mind the Green Drake is a fair weather insect that likes to hatch in the heat of the day. Often this happens in the afternoon around 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. Sometimes it will be earlier on a really hot day. Another thing to keep in mind is the Green Drake likes to spin in the early morning coolness. 8:00 a.m. is not uncommon. The Drakes spin over heavy fast water and the fish know it. If you see a lot of Drakes flying in the a.m. and you don’t see a lot of fish taking them then try this: Take a Colorado Green Drake and pull the wing apart so it looks like two wings. Then soak the fly and even put a little split shot above it. Now place an indicator on the line and fish the drowned dry fly like a nymph. Fish the fast water and especially the water where the rapids slow to deep or glassy water at the end of the fast water!

Silver Creek is fishing better and better as the more consistent warm days are making for more consistent hatches and spinner falls. The Baetis and PMD are still the two main bugs out there, but the Hoppers and Trico are coming on strong. The evening Caddis action has been getting fish to the surface as well. Skating a Goddard Caddis is our favorite technique when we see lots of Caddis activity on the Creek.  

It’s a great time of year out there! There are lots of places to fish and anglers can spread out all over the valley. We expect some great fish this week. If you get a great pic, send it to us for our blog at info@picaboangler.com.

Happy Fishing Everyone!

Sunday Breakfast In Picabo

Sunday Breakfast in Picabo is back. We start serving at 7 am so come on down before your morning on Silver Creek or your dove hunt (dove and grouse opens soon!)... It's worth the trip down just for the breakfast itself.  

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