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Pee-Ka-Boo is a Native American word meaning "Shining Waters."

Picabo Angler is a destination: A full-service fly shop & outfitter located on the banks of world-renowned Silver Creek

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Sun Valley / Picabo Fishing Update - June 24, 2016

A fun weekend is ahead of us. There is a lot of exploring to do on all our area waters. Pick what you like to do best and get out there! 

The Big Wood is coming into shape quickly and anglers are beginning to catch fish and see Green Drakes in the Bellevue area. 

The Upper Lost is clearing and right behind the Big Wood for fishability. 

The South Fork of the Boise and the Salmon are both floatable and are fishing well, with better fishing still to come. 

Yesterday, I asked our guide Andrew Thomas to fish with me and also to start in the middle of the day under bright sun. The results are in...(If you'd like to set up a guide day with Andrew give me a call! 208.788.3536


Sun Valley / Picabo Fishing Update - June 23, 2016

There is a quietude in fly fishing that can often be left behind or forgotten as we wait out he Spring Runoff on our freestone streams. We fish together on our spring creeks and tailwaters within close proximity of one another and we get used to it.  This weekend should be the first real dose of getting out, getting spread out and finding those quiet moments in our sport once again.

Silver Creek was a challenge for most anglers yesterday. The Creek and the fish are readjusting to the heat, but as the action slows for the moment on the Creek, the excitement of other fisheries opening is palpable. The Creek will show her true colors again at a moments notice, so stay ready and be willing to look outside your normal fishing box. 

The freestone fisheries like the Upper Lost, the Wood and the Little Wood are right there...on the cusp of some great fishing. Expect a crazy good 2 weeks on these streams beginning this weekend ! Have your fly box ready with Big Flies! Be safe! Enjoy your quietude!


Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - November 9, 2015

Winter conditions have begun to prevail in the Sun Valley Area and therefore winter fishing techniques move to the forefront of the local angling agenda. Fishing windows have shifted toward the lunchtime to dinnertime window and techniques vary with the day.

Anglers need to be prepared to be versatile. Fishing dries, nymphs and streamers are all necessary for the highest catch rates despite the fly selection moving to a seasonal low. The dry flies you need to have stocked up include Baetis, Griffiths Gnats and Tie-Down Midges. Nymph selections should include Zebra Nymphs in Black or Red, Copper Johns, Prince Nymphs, Hares Ears, Girdle Bugs and Pheasant Tails. Streamer boxes should have plenty of Olive colors and some Black offerings as well. If you are fishing the Creek, have some articulated streamers.

On Silver Creek the Brown Trout are getting toward the tail end of their spawn. They should come off their Redds hungry and aggressive. Some may be tired and skinny after the spawn, so please handle them gently. Late in the day, when things warm, anglers are still finding some Baetis and Midge hatches on the Nature Conservancy waters.

The Lost River is running low and the fishing is o.k. The low flows are making the game a bit harder to play then what most anglers are used to on the Lost, but it’s still a fun challenge. Be ready for Midge and Baetis activity up until Thanksgiving. Move slowly in the water and concentrate on structure and deep water.

The Big Wood is such an awesome winter fishery, it is hard to go anywhere else! We begin our holiday guide rates this month, so give us a shout if you want a guide with you. Our guides have been bringing a lot of fish to the net lately! Nymphing has been the game as of late, but streamer anglers are going to catch a lot of fish as well!

The South Fork of the Boise has probably got the last great hatches for the season. Baetis in the late afternoon, when the temperature get above 40 degrees can blanket the river. These days are waning though, so have a good nymph selection as well. Like always, please check the road conditions before you commit to the Lost or the South Fork!

Have fun, dress warm and enjoy the beautiful setting along the river corridors right now!

Happy Fishing Everyone!

Anglers Journal 2015 Summer Issue

Below is a two page image of John Huber in the current summer issue of Anglers Journal. The image was taken on the Double R section of Silver Creek during last year's mega-moon.

Two page image of Picabo Angler's John Huber in the summer issue of Anglers Journal. Photo: Nick Price

Phoebe Bean says goodbye for now!

Our family first started spending time in Idaho when my parents purchased a sheep ranch in the Sun Valley area when I was five years old. Originally from San Francisco, we didn’t fit in right away; for me, that started to change after we moved into one of the cabins on the Double R and made daily appearances at the “Picabo Store,” as we used to call it. The Purdy family was exceedingly kind and welcoming as we began to grow new roots here, and Silver Creek became the focal point for the happiest memories made during that time in my life.

Fast forwarding to last summer, I decided to take a year off amidst my college career to intern for The Orvis Company in Manchester, VT, in the fall and to work for my parents’ business this spring. I had no set plans for the summer months before heading back to school, though, so when John Huber asked me back in January if I would be interested in working for the Picabo Angler this summer I was beyond thrilled. Although I tried to keep my expectations low because I really had no idea what to expect, I was genuinely excited to be able to work for John in the store that had meant so much to me as a kid.

When I drove home after my first day of work in May, I knew I had absolutely nothing to worry about. There have been no shortages of laughter, stories, or new friends over the past few months, and seeing many of the folks I’ve known since I was a youngster has been wonderful. Fun isn’t usually a word that comes to mind when talking about work, but I have had the time of my life.  

I’m sure it sounds sappy, but I feel like I’ve come full circle in some sense; in regard to fly fishing, I learned much of what I know now from spending time on the creek those many years ago with an Orvis Clearwater rod. As a client landed a Silver Creek rainbow on the Double R during my first guide trip on the creek this summer, I felt blessed to be able to help someone else fish in the exact same spot that my love for the sport began.

Thank you to all of the people who came into the store this summer and made my experience so memorable.

See you next year!


Sun Valley Area Cutthroat Makes A Cover

Picabo Angler guide, Nick Price, just got the cover of the new issue of Fly Rod & Reel. It's of a Snake River Fine-Spotted Cutthroat somewhere in the Lost River watershed. The entire Lost River watershed is open all year with the Lower Lost, the tail-water section, fishing well right now. Think Baetis & Midges. Check the stream flow before you go, but as it is, the flow on the Lower Lost below Mackay Reservoir is 98 cfs.

Fly Rod & Reel Spring 2014 Issue. Cover Photo: Nick Price

Fly Rod & Reel Spring 2014 Issue. Cover Photo: Nick Price