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Sun Valley Area Fishing Report - Dec. 7, 2015 (or what to get a fly angler for Christmas)

There is plenty of low pressure in the mix this week. Expect excellent winter fishing all around Sun Valley. With that said, here are a few thoughts about the coming holiday and fly fishing.

“What do I get my husband / wife / significant other/ for Christmas this year? They already have everything?”

Well. I can answer that question easily. It is free, you can wrap it symbolically if you’d like. You can write it in a card. You can verbalize it over a coffee and Baileys on Christmas morning. However you want to present this gift to the angler, you can be sure it will be among the most precious things you ever give them…

Give your fly angler – Time.

Time on the water. Time to sit on the banks of a river and think about you, while you think they are thinking about fishing. Time to leave work behind, and yes, even family for a few hours. Time to immerse themselves in a river and in a wilderness without once looking at the time to see if they need to head home. Time is what the fly angler wants and what a fly angler needs.

You really want to give your fly angler a gift? A big gift? Like a new truck in the driveway, but even better? Give them enough time to take a trip! A whole week in Cuba, British Columbia, Florida, Mexico, the Bahamas. Make it really special by assuring them their dog will be loved and fed while they are gone. Assure them that everyone at home and work will live without a daily text, phone call or email. Let them unplug from the world at home and let them plug into a world of coral reefs, foam lines, and brands of beer and rum they’ve never heard of.

There is nothing a fly angler wants more. We don’t need a fancy new rod or a reel made out of NASA left overs. We don’t need gold inlayed fly boxes or first edition fly fishing books…Given enough TIME we will fashion a fly rod out of a willow branch, make a reel out of an old coke can. We will fish with rusty hooks kept in an old chew can. We will read newspapers written in languages we don’t understand, and we will fish in muddy backwaters - if we just have enough time.

Happy Fishing Everyone!