Picabo Angler

Pee-Ka-Boo is a Native American word meaning "Shining Waters."

Picabo Angler is a destination: A full-service fly shop & outfitter located on the banks of world-renowned Silver Creek

Bring your own dog or hunt over one of our pointers, setters or Labradors. Either way, cagey roosters await!

Guided Upland Preserve Hunts

Many a hunter has told us that our Upland Pheasant and hunts are second to none. “Wilder than wild bird hunts!” was a comment frequently heard after our first year in operation. These hunts are traditional farm style hunts where we take advantage of fence lines, canals, ditches and uncut cover crops. We’ve also added Chukar to our list of birds we hunt this year and if you haven't shot these fast flushing, clever little devils before, this is the place to get it done.  Sun Valley, Idaho is home to some of the best chukar hunting in the world and the Purdy Ranch is about as good as it gets. 

All hunts on the Purdy Ranch are guided, including upland hunts. Our professional guides are there to facilitate the hunt, help you create memories, work the dogs should you choose and also to keep everyone safe. Every one of our guides are very experienced upland hunters who are happy to help you learn the tricks of the trade or simply allow you to have a day in the field that you'll never forget. Most importantly, you'll find yourself in a safe, low pressure atmosphere with personable, professional people you're bound to enjoy. 

To book your hunt and for current pricing, please contact John Huber at 208.788.3536 or john@picaboangler.com

Hunters are always encouraged to bring their favorite hunting dog, but should you not have one, our guides will have dogs with them. It's standard for our guests to strike a bond with our dogs as it's hard not to fall in love with something that works so hard to make your day one to remember. From hard charging, ground-covering Springer Spaniels to methodical English Setters and Brittanys who pride themselves on their finesse, our guides have some of the best hunting dogs around. If you have a preference in what sort of dog you'd like to hunt over, simply let John know when you book your trip. 

All Upland hunts begin at Picabo Angler. We will guide you for up to 4 hours and return you back to the shop where we will clean and package your birds while you enjoy a cold beverage and a hot meal.  All in all, the Purdy Ranch is a magical place with a rich history of wing shooting that you won't ever forget.

Upland Hunting Price List

All Hunts are a minimum 6 birds per hunter. Additional birds requested will be charged per bird. All hunts are guided. If hunters have their own dog, guides will accompany the hunter or remain in the field with the hunter at all times. All birds will be breasted out and packaged for the hunters. We adhere to strict hunting times for the safety of our dogs; times will be set upon bookings. The released season runs from August 15th to April 15th, with typical operations lasting into January.

Picabo Angler Hunting Rules and Regulations

*Picabo Angler guides reserve the right to end any hunt, at any time, if hunter’s actions are deemed unsafe or inappropriate. No Refunds are given.

*Picabo Angler has a Zero Tolerance Policy for any actions with a gun that are deemed unsafe by the guide. Flagrant violations of this policy will result in hunters being escorted from the property. No refunds will be given.

*NO alcohol is allowed before or during the hunt.

*All hunters are required to show a valid Idaho Hunting License or Purchase a 1 Day Preserve License.

*All hunters are required to show proof of hunter’s education class.

* Who is required to have Hunter Education? To buy a hunting license, all hunters must show proof that they have completed a hunter education course if they were born on or after January 1, 1975, unless they have held a hunting license from Idaho or another state.

*Start times and end times are made by Picabo Angler only and will be strictly adhered to for the safety of our dogs.

*Be on time! Late arrivals may have their hunts canceled or cut short if the guide deems the temperatures too warm for dog safety. No refunds will be given for cancellations or short hunts due to late arrivals.

*All hunts are reservation only.

*We do not accept walk in hunts.

*Picabo Angler only guides two hunters per guide. No exceptions.

*If bird counts exceed the released number, additional bird kills will be charged per bird.