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Pee-Ka-Boo is a Native American word meaning "Shining Waters."

Picabo Angler is a destination: A full-service fly shop & outfitter located on the banks of world-renowned Silver Creek

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December Bird Hunting with Picabo Angler

Upland and Waterfowl Updates from Picabo!

Winter has set into the Silver Creek Valley. The sheer beauty of the valley with a fresh blanket of snow is inspiring! Now add in shooting Pheasants and Ducks on the wing and the picture painted against the blue Sun Valley skies is more beautiful than ever!

We continue to hunt Pheasants on the Picabo Angler Shooting Preserve and with the recent snows the dog work is outstanding! Big, long-tailed Roosters are bursting from snowy cover and they are a sight to see! We will continue to hunt into the spring, and we are ramped up for the holidays. We still have a few openings left around Christmas and New Years Day, should you want to come and experience world class hunting in the spectacular backdrop provided by Silver Creek and the Picabo Hills.

On the waterfowl front, things couldn’t be better. The duck numbers we have been shooting are outstanding. The overall duck numbers in the valley are absolutely overwhelming compared to years past. New farming practices, mainly the no-till drill, are allowing local farmers to leave the Barley stubble through the winter. This used to get tilled under in the winter and still does in some places, but many fields are left intact for the following growing season. This means bits of grain for the ducks and geese are on the ground for them. Couple all of this with mild winters, increasing duck numbers in Canada, and a well-timed migration and you get hunting like we’ve never seen on Silver Creek.

Most of our guided waterfowl hunts are run during the worst weather we have. This gets the ducks into feeding mode, sending them back and forth between food sources and the Creek itself. Days with heavy precipitation are days we shoot limits. If we have to fight the sun and nicer days, we can still get some action, but it is generally limited to the first few hours of the shoot. If we find the mornings nice, but very cold, we can generally count on more birds traveling.

All in, it has been the best wing shooting season yet at Picabo Angler and we expect this to continue well into the New Year!

Come down and join us for a world class hunting adventure!